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Super Generic

Domains offered are rare and unique because of their super generic nature.

These domains can be extended through the use of subdomain names. For example, Boots.Net can be extended with qualifier subdomains like Western, Stylish, Womens, etc. That means if you hold Boots.Net, you also hold Western.Boots.Net, Womens.Boots.Net or really anything-you-can-think-of.Boots.Net !

Domains like this are so very unusual to find these days.

Generic and Branding

Domains for branding are tricky. They must pass the radio test or be purchased with variants.

It is rare to be able to secure names which naturally match to entire industries, yet names like GoToBankers.com do exactly that.


Domains offered here are general purpose boutique for a variety of venues.

Looking to brand in mass media? Some names just stand out... When you hold the GoTo.Attorney domain, you tell the world there is a reason your practice is better than all the others... you are visonary, successful and smart.

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